alch1icon The Creative Process

To ensure the best outcome for your brand, I believe in laying down foundations  before commencing with the design process. There are a few steps that I like to follow to ensure I am organised, prepared and equipped to give you the best experience and designs possible. PLEASE CONSULT MY TERMS & CONDITIONS HERE.


A lot of time, effort and dedication goes into providing you with your design, and as per industry standard, I require all clients to pay a 50% booking fee prior to any work commencing. The project will only be scheduled and uploaded to our project workflow system once the deposit is received. For freelance work for agencies, once our partnership is more established, work will be invoiced monthly.

It is also important to note, that for custom quoted projects, the quote is an agreed estimate, meaning that I reserve the right to discuss extra fees for unexpected time delays or a change of brief.

Final designs will only be handed over once the remaining amount due has been settled unless otherwise agreed in advance.


Probably one of the most important steps in my creative process is to be on the same page with you regarding your concept and ideas. Please outline your project’s objectives, deliverables, timeline, specifications and budget. The clearer you are regarding your expectations, the more on point I can be to produce a design that reflects your vision.

Should you have a website or corporate identity project in the pipeline, I may ask you to fill our our online questionnaires and book a Skype / telephonic consult, which will give me some more insight into who you are and what you need.

It is important to keep to the original brief throughout the process so that the workflow is not interrupted, which may result in delays to your final deadline. Any changes to the original brief will be charged for at my hourly rate or may be re-quoted in addition to the approved project fee depending on the nature of the changes. I am a one-man band, so each project taken on needs to be carefully structured time wise.


During this step, I will develop concepts and designs which I will then present to you in digital format through email communication.


Clients will have the opportunity to review the concepts and deliver their feedback. I will then refine the concept if needed and provide the final look and feel.

I work on a project planning schedule that allows me to manage my workflow effectively. I will let you know what my workflow is looking like before you put down your deposit so that you are aware of my schedule. We can then discuss an appropriate time line and agree on realistic deadlines.

After feedback is received on projects, revisions can take up to 5 days to be sent back to you for your second round of approval and to be continued in this manner.

Each estimate includes a limited amount of revision rounds, but any amount of revisions can be added at any time for a nominal hourly rate.


After the designs are signed off, all necessary artwork will be compiled and sent through via email, Dropbox or We Transfer. Alternatively clients may collect their artwork on a memory stick.


Because I want to deliver the best service possible and my overall aim is to “make people happy”, I consult with clients by appointment. I am 100% happy to arrange Skype and FaceTime meetings where I cannot literally “see you” in person or discuss your project via email. For non-South African clients who may differ in time zones (such as the USA), I am definitely flexible to arrange online appointments during a time that suits both of us.

Mondays – Thursdays
08:00 – 16:30

08:00 – 12:00

Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays
Closed unless otherwise arranged in advance with the Client

Although I have set hours, this is a guideline to ensure that my time is managed accordingly and I am able to maintain a balanced lifestyle. This does not mean, however that I do not take on projects after hours from time to time. Should a client have a pressing, last minute design that is required urgently, after hours, a special “after hours” or “” rate will apply and I reserve the right to turn down last minute or after hours work if realistically, I feel that I cannot achieve it in the time frame required. Please consult my T&C’s for more information regarding bookings and cancellations.

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