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The Alchemy Creative specialises in a range of design disciplines and digital-oriented media such as identities and logos, marketing collateral, social media, web design and layout.

Web Design

The Alchemy Creative designs appealing, contemporary websites that fall in line with your branding and vision. From landing pages to full package websites, I offer dynamic design and customised solutions built from the WordPress platform. With comprehensive website development options and value added fundamentals such as basic Search Engine Optimisation, Hosting and Domain Registration, I am able to cover all the bases for a pleasing, functional website that works for you.

Packages range from basic landing pages and starter websites, to blogs, to fully customised larger websites with add-ons. Packages are quoted on an individual basis depending on the brief. Maintenance retainers optional.

Social Media Advertising & Design

Social Media has become the cornerstone of online communication. It is important that your brand engage on the digital domain. Let me design, execute and manage your social media advertising, create unified campaigns and help you to communicate with your followers. This will allow your business the tools to create and build your online presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

• Instagram curation and management.
• Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, marketing, strategy and scheduling.
• Design of profile covers, adverts, posts and optimisation of branding for all digital platforms.
• Copy writing for social media.

Packages are quoted per project/post, or per hour depending on the scope of the brief. Maintenance retainers optional.


Logos & Identities

The Alchemy Creative creates unique and memorable logo design and corporate elements that identify and reflect your Company’s personality. Identities may consist of:-

  • A Logo (The symbol of your identity & brand).
  • Stationery (Letterhead + business card + email signature, etc.).
  • Signage (Interior & exterior design).
  • Identity Guidelines and Elements.

Packages range from simple logo design to full corporate identities with stationery and are quoted individually.

Marketing Collateral

Tell your company’s story, who you are and what you do. Build your brand, and communicate your value proposition with marketing collateral. The Alchemy Creative focuses on the following forms of marketing material to augment your portfolio.

  • Business cards & stationery.
  • Brochures, posters and flyers.
  • Online and digital marketing design.
  • Event, advertising and promotional material.
  • Branding & signage.
  • Menus, invitations and catalogues.

Packages are quoted per project or per hour depending on the scope of the brief.

Copy Writing

Good copy writing is essential for successful digital and print-based marketing. Copy writing is the glue that ties design together, giving it meaning and laying the foundation for your content marketing, SEO, and lead generation. I focus on the following areas:

  • Blog content writing, editing and curation.
  • Headline and persuasive writing.
  • Reworking of copy for print and digital marketing.
  • Combining copy and design for optimum impact.
  • Social Media post writing.
  • Trimming and editing.
  • Writing for SEO.
  • Proof reading.

Packages are quoted per project, per page or per hour depending on the scope of the brief.




Nicole’s unique edge and flair bring a freshness to all projects she works on. Her skill set is broad and concise, ranging from print through to web design. She shows incredible intuition and understanding of concepts and I found her creative eye invaluable. Highly recommended and looking forward to working on future projects with Studio Alchemy.

Elizabeth Payne

Digital Freelancer, Tall Pink Gumboots

Nicole Barratt truly lives up to her brand Alchemy. Her ability to truly see what her client stands for is pure magic!  Nicole has a creative edge that you don’t often see in the noisy market place of web creation. She gets to the heart of what matters to her clients and translates that into a beautiful big calling card that speaks with authenticity, integrity and honesty. I have worked with many web designers from India to the USA and never quite got what I wanted. Having Nicole truly committed to make my brand a true reflection of who I truly am has been an incredible gift.  Nicole is pure magic in every aspect of brand delivery.

Sarah-Jane Farrell

Founder, Sarah-Jane Farrell - Access Your True Nature

Hiring Nicole is the best thing I did when starting my business. I knew what I wanted, I learned all about the DIY but I wasn’t building my business by trying to build my website by myself and knowing that someone else was out there who would be able to get me, see me and build my brand. Although I had a terrible experience with the first developer I hired (what a waste of  money!) I must have been totally ready for that person to appear in my life because she appeared as Nicole!  From the first designs Nicole sent to me I was in WOW! It was just THAT EXACT THING I wanted it to be! I am so happy with the way Nicole just got me and with her quick ability to step in anything and make it great instantly that I am glad she is now a part of my team.

Audrey Michele

The Light Coach, Audrey Michele | The Light Center

I recently asked Nicole to design a logo for our upcoming Cat of the Year. Nicole has the gift and ability to hear and interpret an idea. She patiently added and subtracted elements and colours and gave advice on what colours were working and what colours should be removed. Thank you Nicole. You have designed a fabulous logo that has received many positive comments and will successfully brand our event.

Jane Goble

Chairperson, Provincial Cat Society

I approached Nicole Barratt of Studio Alchemy to assist me in creating a few logos for my hobbies and was pleasantly surprised! She not only got my vision but exceeded my expectations regarding the design and layout.

Her work ethic and efficiency was superb and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone from a simple logo design to a corporate entity.

Shaun Armand

Owner, Carmandale Rabbitry | The Reptile Company