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What the what? What is SEO?? Search. Engine. Optimisation. I can see your eyes glazing over and your brain heading for the off switch. It’s just some mumbo jumbo google jargon, which doesn’t mean anything. DING DONG WRONG. It’s way too important to you, for you to NOT know about it. Even if it’s a just little bit.

So, I, the Alchemist, will attempt to make it somewhat magical and simplify this for you. Here goes.

Ok, so let’s start from the top. I don’t want to guess that you know what algorithms are, but you’ve probably heard of them. In short they are a set of conventions that equate to a most likely answer. For example. If A+B=C then C-A=B. Um, no this is not an algebra lesson. Ok ok, let’s put it this way, if red + yellow= orange then orange – yellow = red. Get it? Yes! The reason I’m telling you this, is that the internet uses algorithms all over the shop. Nowhere more so than Google (and other search engines, but what are their names again?). Us mere mortals don’t know the formulas to the algorithms, as they are top secret, but we are constantly having to use the tools at our disposal to try and manipulate them to make our websites and brands stick out amongst the plethora of stuff on the information super highway.

One of the main ways we can do this is with SEO – say it again – Search. Engine. Optimisation.

So now we get onto that. Many larger brands hire content writers and SEO experts to manage what is on their website – to get them to the top of the search rankings for their industry on page 1 of the search results.

They do this by manipulating the written content on the site, using headings in the text correctly, making sure they know what keywords to use and how many times to use them, making sure your pages are labelled correctly, making sure your images have alternative titles for Google to find. Phew. It’s exhausting. There’s other stuff too. Your site load speed is key – if Google says it’s too slow, then bazinga! You’re at the bottom again.

So, once all of these things have been done, Google can better ‘see’ your site – the amount of keywords (not too many), the reading ease of text, the titles, subtitles and imagery labels all make it easier for Google to ‘see’ your site.

That’s SEO in a nutshell. See here – web designer, graphic design, logo design, branding, content, social media. See what I did there? My keywords. In this case I couldn’t fit them all into the article. But now I’ve done it cleverly, and it’s going to increase the chances of google seeing this article on my website once it’s live.

Wait hang on. Dallas, Texas. There ya go Google. Come and find me!