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Search Engine… what now?

What the what? What is SEO?? Search. Engine. Optimisation. I can see your eyes glazing over and your brain heading for the off switch. It’s just some mumbo jumbo google jargon, which doesn’t mean anything. DING DONG WRONG. It’s way too important to you, for you to NOT...

Creating your DREAM brand

Creating your dream – what to consider when branding your hustle So your side hustle turning into your main hustle. That’s fantastic news! But now what? You need a brand and you need one fast. But how exactly do you go about deciding on a visual identity for what it...

You NEEEEED a designer

Not a good one. A phenomenal one. Ok, you’ve done the work and you neeeeeed a logo – PRONTO. But jeez there are so many designers out there. And besides, your husband’s aunt’s cousin’s daughter’s ex boyfriend’s dog is a designer – so why not just use him? Hmmmmm, why...

Nix Barratt

Nix Barratt


Seasoned designer and brand alchemist, Nix Barratt has been doing her thang in the creative space for over 15 years. She loves food, 90’s grunge music, sunshine, the ocean, margaritas, cats and working with like-minded entrepreneurs who are ready to take their brand up a few notches into a competitive space.  




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